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Founded in 2017, C-Biomex Co., Ltd is a pioneering bio-venture focused on advancing novel theranostics using its exclusive peptide discovery platform technology.

At present, C-Biomex distinguishes itself from traditional peptides through its notable attributes of heightened serum stability, remarkable binding affinity, and selectivity for specific target molecules. These advantages hold considerable promise across a spectrum of therapeutic applications, offering potential advantages in terms of both effectiveness and safety. Currently, we are focusing on peptide radiopharmaceuticals, a field that facilitates the targeted transport of radioactive isotopes to cancerous tissues for dual diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Supported by robust preclinical data, we are making swift strides in advancing our research and development.

Company Profile

Revolutionizing Radiopharmaceutical Development through the Innovative Peptide Discovery Platform CUS™

Vision & Mission

We will establish fair and sincere partnerships with both domestic and international research institutions and biotech companies. Additionally, we are committed to building trust with shareholders and investors, aiming for mutual growth.

Growing Together

Discovery & Development of innovative theragnostic

With our dedication and relentless research to overcome existing boundaries and create novel theragnostic. Our aim is to lead in technological innovation by pushing the limits and developing new solutions.

Our goal is to evolve into a globally recognized pharmaceutical company focused on new drug development. By doing so, we aim to provide new therapeutic opportunities to patients suffering from rare diseases, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of their quality of life.

Ethical Management

All executives and employees are committed to fulfilling their social responsibilities and fostering a healthy and ethical corporate culture through legal and ethical management practices.

Aiming High